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Our commitment to improve the lives of people around the world is not only a core element of our operations within the scope of our pharmaceutical, food and nutritional supplements business but it is also a clear ethos shared by all the individuals working at Galenicum. For this reason, we have created a team within our company, called the ‘Social Impact Community’, which spans the various areas of our business and brings our people together for the good of others.

This community comprises volunteers from across multiple departments who choose to be part of and lead different social impact initiatives on behalf of the company. We want to ensure social responsibility is a top priority for us, so that we can contribute as best we can to making our world a better place. Our next exciting step is the development of our own social innovation project, which we are working on even as we speak!


Galenicum took part in a project to minimise pain in respect to carrying out small procedures at a hospital for children.


Galenicum took part in the development of the “Hospital without pain for small procedures” project. This initiative, created and implemented by the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, aims to minimise the pain and discomfort that children experience when they undergo painful procedures that, despite not requiring a general anesthetic, generate pain and discomfort for these little ones. It may be due to some form of treatment, some diagnostic tests or even the withdrawal of a catheter.

These are initiatives that go beyond mere treatment with drugs and create negative emotions in children, such as fear and anxiety that unfortunately increase the perception of pain. The implementation of this programme requires the involvement, awareness and training of professionals as well as families, not to mention the children themselves, all of whom are so incredibly brave.


Galenicum proudly works together with the Indigo Association in Kenya to improve its facilities, leading to better health and hygiene.


The Indigo Association carries out a project to support more than 100 children in Mfangano Island, east of Lake Victoria in Kenya. The main objective of the association is to provide a home for children who have suffered due to complicated and challenging family situations, whereby they provide for their basic needs in terms of food, health and education.

Galenicum is proud to work with the association to improve its facilities, through the financing of sinks and other utilities for the children to enable proper cleaning in the school's canteen. Proper hygiene is essential to prevent the transmission of many intestinal diseases, which unfortunately blight this area of the world.


Galenicum is committed to doing all it can to care for and protect the environment and promote responsible manufacturing to these ends.


As a pharmaceutical company and a member of the global community, Galenicum is committed to caring for and protecting the environment as well as promoting responsible manufacturing, while minimising the impact of its operations on the planet.

The Green Team is heavily involved in this area and is endeavouring to minimise the impact of our company's activities on the environment. Therefore, we have implemented a selective waste collection process, we promote the use of recycled paper and the utilisation of water filters to avoid the purchasing of bottled water, which is better for our people and the environment alike.

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