Sales and distribution of bioequivalent medicines under own brand 'Vitae'.

GalenicumVitae is the business within the Galenicum ecosystem responsible for the distribution of our bioequivalent medicines under the brand name 'Vitae'. 'Vitae' means 'life' in Latin and the tag line 'believe in life' is a true reflection of the overcoming spirit that exists throughout our organisation.

GalenicumVitae is focused on international markets, and has a number of subsidiaries in Latin America, as well as distribution partners across Asia and the Middle East.


GalenicumVitae's classification system for the different therapeutic areas is inspired by a number of influences: Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man', the ATC classification system defined by the World Health Organisation, and an intuitive colour coding system for each of the fourteen therapeutic areas.


GalenicumVitae's packaging design is inspired by the shape of the rising sun. It represents the dawning of a new day and the overcoming of disease. Both the brand name 'Vitae' and the packaging contribute to a consistent and clear brand identity based on this 'spirit of overcoming'.


  • BE

    The development of bioequivalent products as a key asset for the business, through our conducting of bioequivalence studies, ensures the effectiveness and safety of our medication and its interchangeability with the original branded product, without any risk to the patient, but at a much lower price!

  • Specialised Pharmaceutical Products

    The design, development, manufacture and sale of specialised products provide innovative therapeutic solutions. All of our developments have Zone IVb stability studies that lie behind them, meaning that our research and development is not just thorough but stands on the reliability of these studies.

  • Patient Oriented

    The development of the best possible treatments is underpinned by our spirit of overcoming as an essential element for helping patients everywhere overcome their disease or illness in this same spirit that runs through our business.

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