Galenicum helps
the elderly in
collaboration with
"Amics de la gent gran"

Amics de la Gent Gran

Galenicum contributes to the organisation of Amics de la gent gran's summer camp 2012.

Amics de la gent gran is a NGO whose mission is to fight against the loneliness and marginalisation suffered by older people. Loneliness and abandonment are discouraging factors that intensify the other ills our elderly suffer, such as health problems, decreased autonomy, financial difficulties, etc.

Summer is one of the most difficult times of year for seniors who suffer from loneliness. The absence of neighbours and other people with whom they are usually in contact intensifies isolation. To address these situations a summer camp focused on the specific needs of the elderly is organised each summer between July and September.

Galenicum contributes to a vacation that enables older people to leave their homes, enjoy workshops and activities, and establish friendships. Over the course of a week, they leave the city and share their days with other seniors and a group of young volunteers, thus promoting inter-generational exchange. Their positive experiences in this living space contribute to physical and mental recovery.

The discovery that living together is possible, despite belonging to different generations makes these holidays truly magic. Each year this positive experience ends with the unanimous desire to reunite in the coming year.