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Analysis without pain - Courage detector

Sofía is a 7-year-old girl who is about to have blood drawn. Like many boys and girls, she is afraid of needles. But with the help of a detector that measures courage just before the needle prick, along with other distractions, we help Sofía easily overcome her fear of being poked with a needle. She even leaves the exam room with a smile.


Treatment without pain - Nitrous oxide

Gabriel, 4 years old, faces a very painful treatment. Like many children with similar injuries, he is forced to overcome the fear and the pain involved in the treatment. But with the strawberry flavoured nitrous oxide that mildly sedates him so he feels less pain, and professionals who distract him with fun games and songs, Gabriel barely notices the painful treatment and it all ends with a smile.

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Vaccination without pain - Buzzy the bee

Juan Manuel, 9, requires a routine vaccination. Like many other children, he is afraid of needles. But with the help of "Buzzy the bee" - an armband that is attached to the upper arm and vibrates as he’s receiving the shot - Juan Manuel doesn’t notice that he’s being given the vaccine. It is a great help for children who receive only sporadic vaccinations and for those who should be vaccinated regularly since they can get through the shot and hardly even notice it.


Treatment without pain - Heel prick with sucrose

New-born Alba has to have the early diagnosis test to find out if she has any metabolic diseases. Like all new-borns, a heel prick is very painful for Alba. But with the help of a little bit of sucrose, she relaxes considerably and hardly notices the painful prick.