GSI towards a new horizon

June 19, 2015

Galenicum Special Ingredients takes a step ahead and expands the product portfolio in new categories like fibres, sugars, sweeteners and functional products that will fulfill specific needs of each client.

With this new commercial initiative, GSI expects to increase their revenues up to 6 million Euros in 2015 and achieve a sustainable growth model for the coming years. In order to sustain the growth, Galenicum Special Ingredients has reinforced its initial structure and wants to count with the best professionals in the industry.

Recently, GSI has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008, an international rule which certifies the Quality Management System and ensures the quality of the products and services.

With this new focus, the division of Luis Alabern, partner and General Manager of GSI, will strengthen the position of GSI in the nutraceutical and alimentary industry. 

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