The Peruvian Doctors Association reflects the need of implementing the bioequivalence studies as a measure of safety and effectiveness of generic drugs

June 2, 2015

Nowadays, in Peru, pharmacies have mostly original drugs and therefore the pharmaceutical expenses are high. This is the reason why the promotion of generic drugs is crucial. Unfortunately, it is still not mandatory to ensure by bioequivalence studies that the generic drugs are as safety and effective as the original ones.

The Peruvian population is demanding to the MINSA the approval of the regulation that would incorporate these studies as a mandatory requirement for the commercialization approval of generic drugs.

The inclusion of bioequivalent generic drugs into the Peruvian market would not only decrease the pharmaceutical costs, but also facilitate the access to treatments, which would increase the therapeutic adherence of patients.

Galenicum is moving towards this direction by commercializing all the products certified with bioequivalence studies.


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