Galenicum, referent company on bioequivalent drugs, on Peruvian TV

May 26, 2015

Two journalists from the well-recognized Peruvian TV show Día D, (Canal 9) travelled to Spain in order to shoot a documentary about the concept of bioequivalence and the situation of generic drugs in Spain.

In Peru, the pharmaceutical industry is developing fast towards the high quality standards of the European countries. However, the bioequivalence requirement for the generic drugs is still not mandatory. The bioequivalence studies are crucial in order

to prove that the safety and effectiveness of a generic is the same as the original drug. Galenicum Peru is the only company at this moment that has all the products certified with bioequivalence studies.

During the record, the journalists had the chance to interview several experts such as a pharmacist and worldwide expert of Bioequivalence. Moreover, they visited the Headquarters of Galenicum in Barcelona, the Laboratory in Esplugues and the SAG manufacturing plant in Madrid, where they interviewed professionals of different areas.


Broadcasting: Sunday, 24th of May on Canal 9, Peru

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