Galenicum Chile presents its portfolio of products

May 4, 2015

In this interview Agustín Ossandón, General Manager of Galenicum Chile, explains the characteristics of generic bioequivalent medicines, which guarantee the same therapeutic effectiveness, absorption and safety as original medicines. In turn, he presents an analysis of the situation of the Chilean market, which is experiencing an adjustment due to the studies being carried out in order to obtain bioequivalence and which, at the moment, is reflecting on the end price. He does point out however, that the situation is a transitory one and that prices will come down.

In addition, Agustín Ossandón presents the Galenicum products that are already available in the Chilean market and those that are due to arrive. All of these are bioequivalent products and have the backing of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which ensures that patients have access to maximum-quality products and at a price between 30% and 40% more economical.