Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital and Galenicum join forces against child pain

December 5, 2013

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital is working on a pioneering initiative called the ‘Hospital Without Pain’, a pilot project created and executed by the healthcare institution, in which a group of professionals is working on implementing a series of measures geared towards minimising the pain and discomfort that may be experienced by children during periods of hospitalisation.

The new element of this project is its differential approach which goes beyond the scope of pain relief into the broader spectrum of elements that can increase the perception of pain, such as anxiety and fear, as well as deep-seated stereotypes, such as the fact that children suffer less pain or forget bad experiences more easily. It also aims to integrate these practices into all healthcare services as part of a genuine cultural change, transcending the specific application of pain units as they may have been developed in previous initiatives.

To start up this project, the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital has had the support of the pharmaceutical company Galenicum, which has covered all the costs of instruments, perishable materials and medication, as sole sponsor of the initiative. Galenicum thus embarks on a long-term collaboration with the ‘Hospital Without Pain’, with a view to working on a present and future project in line with its commitment to the health and welfare, especially that of such a sensitive collective as children.

Hospital Without Pain

 From left to right: Maria Josep Planas, director of Planning and Quality at the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital, Marina Perelló, anaesthesiologist and coordinator of the Hospital Without Pain project, Erich W. Büchen, founding partner of Galenicum, and Oriol Bota, director of Obra Social de Sant Joan de Déu.