Galenicum hosts first edition of Innovation Awards

July 4, 2013

At Galenicum we have recently presented our Innovation Awards, an in-house acknowledgement given to the most innovative ideas presented on a specific topic. The entire staff is divided into a series of work teams comprising members of different company departments and invited to take part. The aim of this yearly initiative is to promote teamwork and get everyone at Galenicum on board with the company’s objectives. The members of the different teams have one month to draw up their proposals, which is done during work hours.

On this occasion, the challenge was to present innovations relating with the development of a medication for the treatment of cold and flu symptoms, with a view to distributing it OTC worldwide. The proposals were to include all aspects of the process, from product development, to marketing and sales strategy, to packaging design.

Galenicum Offsite June 2013

The projects were presented during the company’s off-site event held in Sitges (Barcelona) and subjected to a voting process judged by company management. The members of the two winning teams received the award and were congratulated for their work, and the winning projects shall be evaluated with a view to making them a reality in the future and incorporating the newly devised products into the company’s portfolio.