Galenicum among the National Champions of the European Business Awards 2013/14

July 17, 2013

The European Business Awards (EBA) announced that Galenicum had been selected as one of the National Champions to represent Spain in the 2013/14 edition of these prestigious awards. This means that Galenicum is considered to be one of the 526 National Champions selected from among companies from 31 European countries, and Spain will have 40 representatives in the event. After this first phase, participating companies will compete to obtain a Ruban Honneur in the following round, with the final winners in the different prize categories being announced in April 2014.

This recognition consolidates Galenicum as one of the most innovative industrial projects on a European level. Since its foundation in 2003, the company has consolidated itself as a reference in innovation in its field, with a strategy focused on Intellectual Property, a unique approach to R&D for product development, and a firm commitment to internationalisation of the business.

During last year and the first half of 2013, Galenicum has opened subsidiaries in Brazil and Peru, and is currently establishing offices in Chile. On the other hand, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with a distributor in Kuwait for promote its services in Gulf Cooperation Council member countries. The objective of the company for 2017 is that 60% of the turnover be from the international market.

The purpose of the European Business Awards is to increase the visibility and progress of companies that are outstanding in the development of innovation, aligned with successful commercial results, and which in turn act responsibly in their social environment.