Galenicum Health, now in Colombia

October 3, 2018

Last week, from September 25th to 28th, the launch of Galenicum Health as a new laboratory in Colombia, was held in Bogotá and Medellin.

Galenicum has arrived in Colombia with a growing portfolio in the areas of central nervous system and cardiovascular system. In the coming months we will also launch products for other pathologies, such as rheumatoid arthritis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It was not a conventional launch event, but under the umbrella of "cursovitae" several training talks were held in different medical centers and universities.

With the aim of reinforcing our contribution of added value for the scientific community, and that doctors can trust in the quality of our products, cursovitae has been based on bioequivalence. Dr. Jesús Frías, Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Service at the Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid), was in charge of communicating and sharing his knowledge about bioequivalence as a guarantee of interchangeability.

The content of the meetings included what bioequivalence is, what is the difference between bioequivalence in vitro and in vivo, what are its implications and why is it so important, what is the future of generic products (when bioequivalence become mandatory in Colombia) , etc. These talks were broadcasted in real time on our social networks, YouTube (Galenicum Colombia) and Instagram (@cursovitae). In addition, now all those health professionals who could not see it live or streaming, have access through our website