The importance of bioequivalence studies explained on Peruvian radio

January 19, 2017

On January 11, Antonio Luján, General Manager of Galenicum Peru, gave an extensive interview on Radio Capital on the program led by renowned journalist Monica Delta.

During the interview, key issues related to the Peruvian pharmaceutical sector were discussed, such as the lack of supply in some parts of the country, self-medication, as well as the commercialization of generic drugs that do not have the appropriate evaluations to guarantee their safety and efficiency.

During the interview, the journalist mentioned the side effects that are typical of any medicine and the additional risks that they entail if they do not have quality guarantees.

Antonio Luján explained key concepts such as bioequivalence, the different types of drugs in the Peruvian market and the benefits that bioequivalents offer compared to the rest of the generic drugs that are marketed through pharmacy chains and health centres.

The representative of Galenicum Peru also explained that Peruvian legislation already takes into account bioequivalence and interchangeability tests when registering a product with DIGEMID, the drug regulator in Peru. However, it does not yet have the support necessary to make bioequivalence studies a requirement when registering a product.

Finally, the executive argued that there is a need for the medicines the Ministry of Health purchases to comply with certain requirements that must be met in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of those drugs when treating a particular disease.

Watch the interview here

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