Galenicum launches in the Dominican Republic

November 24, 2016

Galenicum launches its activity in the Dominican Republic with the distributor SUED & FARGESA. The two companies have joined forces to provide suitable alternative therapies to the pharmaceutical market, contributing to better quality of life and guaranteeing that health professionals have access to high-quality products.

SUED & FARGESA is the leading distributor in the Dominican Republic with years of experience representing important international firms. With the incorporation of Galenicum, SUED has enriched its portfolio of the highest quality generic bioequivalent pharmaceutical products.

Galenicum and SUED & FARGESA have selected Cardiology and the Central Nervous System as the therapeutic areas in which to create a value-added portfolio for Dominican doctors and patients. Throughout the month of October, the first 2 drugs for the treatment of hypertension and intermittent claudication will be available in the country’s pharmacies. Galenicum will launch more 3 drugs from the CNS line before the end of the year: an antiepileptic, a psychostimulant, and an oral solution for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This product will help patients who have swallowing problems. Throughout 2017, Galenicum expects to at least double its Bioequivalent product portfolio available to Dominican doctors and patients.

The medical representative team will focus on the country’s two most populous areas, Santo Domingo and Santiago. However, by the beginning of 2017 the scope of action will extend to almost the entire country with the incorporation of more high-level professionals.

Galencium is dedicating the utmost effort and determination to this activity with the belief that the company will soon be a reference in the Dominican pharmaceutical market.


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