Hospital without Pain. Story of Cristina, Victor’s mother.

July 13, 2016

Victor has an autism spectrum disorder. Every time he needs a blood test, he thinks he’s being attacked and 5 nurses are required to hold him down to perform the blood test.

Cristina wanted to share her experience with the Hospital without Pain project:

“This year we got access to the Sant Joan de Déu “Hospital without Pain” protocol and everything has been very different. Victor is relaxed when he goes to the hospital. He knows that he can show how brave he is thanks to the courage detector and he tries to do better in each visit. Moreover, as part of the project, nurses give him a syrup that helps him relax followed by a gas that allows them to draw blood while keeping him from suffering.

Even putting the plaster on him used to be problematic. However, it’s different now; when he arrives at home he takes it of himself and shouts: I’m a lion!

I am writing this note to thank the analysis team at Sant Joan de Déu for the treatment we received.”

Galenicum, a promoter of Hospital without Pain project together with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, is proud that more children like Victor can have access to the project.

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