Galenicum organizes the 3rd Workshop of Alzheimer Disease

May 26, 2016

Last 24th of May, Galenicum Health Chile organized the 3rd Workshop entitled “ The proper management of the different treatments of Alzheimer disease”, which was presented by the prestigious Dr. Rodrigo Azócar O.Kuljiš. Dr. Kuljiš is an international reference Doctor in the neuroscience field and has an extensive experience in managing Alzheimer disease both in the USA and in Chile. Twenty-nine doctors; neurologists, geriatrics and general practitioners, attended to the Workshop. The event was very dynamic and the participants had the chance to share their experiences and concerns about this topic.

Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative brain disease with an unknown etiology. It is manifested by the loss of memory and other mental capabilities that in an advanced stage, has a massive impact in the daily live of the patient and his family.

There are three different stages of Alzheimer disease that should be considered; mild, moderate and severe. Nowadays, there are different medicines commercialized for Alzheimer disease, but not all of them are indicated for all stages. In order to obtain good therapeutic results, it is essential to consider the acetylcholine inhibitors for the mild stages and reserve the antagonist of the NMDA receptors, or the combination of both, for the advanced stages of the disease. The objective of these two treatments is to slow down the progression of the disease and improve the quality of live for both patients and families.

Galenicum will continue imparting Workshops about the treatment of Alzheimer disease and next one will take place in July. Galenicum’s aim is to divulgate that it is crucial to choose the right medication depending on the stage of the disease in order to achieve better results.


Foto Alzheimer