The success of Galenicum Health Peru in the last cardiology event of the country

May 3, 2016

From April, 29th to May, 1st, Galenicum Health Peru participated in the XVIII Cardiology Course for the prescriber. The event was organized by the Peruvian Cardiology Society and it is the most important academic event that this Society organizes. The event was held at the ICA Dunas hotel and 250 cardiologists took part of it. Furthermore, 6 foreign doctors were invited to participate and share their experience.

Apart from Galenicum, other pharmaceutical companies participated; Farmaindustria (Abbott), Boehringer Ingelheim, SunFarma, Sanofi, TEVA, Bayer, Tecnofarma and MSD. 

Galenicum Health Peru invited 9 cardiologists from Lima and 3 from the Provinces, achieving 100% of attendance. Galenicum took advantage of the event to promote the cardiology area, which was launched in April, with two antihypertensive products. Both products, as well as all the products that Galenicum commercializes hold bioequivalence studies that have been conducted under EMA guidelines and are manufactured in Europe. During 2016, Galenicum will launch two other antihypertensive products in the country.

The presence of Galenicum Health Peru in the event has been relevant in order to position the company as the only laboratory in the country with a whole bioequivalent portfolio, ensuring to the Peruvian population the security and efficacy of their pharmacological treatments at an affordable price.


Patricia y Yuri

Photo: Patricia Espinosa and Yuri Burga, part of Galenicum Health Peru cardiology team