The bioequivalent medicines of Galenicum Health are already available in the main cities of Peru

April 28, 2016

One of the current problems that Peru is facing is the amount of medicines that are commercialized without bioequivalent studies. Therefore, the population is exposed to products which efficacy and safety is not guaranteed.

Bioequivalence guarantees safety and efficacy through a clinical in vivo study that compares the generic product to the original on the amount of active substance absorbed across time. Moreover, bioequivalent medicines are more affordable for patients.

Galenicum Health Peru is the only pharmaceutical company in the country with a whole bioequivalent portfolio. Nowadays, Galenicum Health Peru is focused in three therapeutic areas; Oncology, where three products for the treatment of breast cancer have already been launched, Central Nervous System with products for the treatment of depression, Alzheimer, epilepsy and schizophrenia and cardiology, which has been launched in 2016.  

Galenicum products are available across the country through pharmacies and hospitals. Both are already in national pharmaceutical chains and in different local institutions like Isis, Pharmalab and Essalud.

Antonio Lujan, General Manager of Galenicum Health Peru, suggests that the more number of bioequivalent products in the market, the easier will be for patients to have access to high quality products at an affordable price.