Past and future of Galenicum Health Peru

January 11, 2016

El Comercio, one of the most renown Peruvian newspapers, echoed recently on the relevant steps done during 2015 of the Peruvian Galenicum Health subsidiary.

Galenicum Health Peru was the first and is still the only pharmaceutical company with all portfolio products with a bioequivalence certificate. This fact has been key for having a quick acceptance of Galenicum’ products in the market, which reflects the interest of the population for having medicines that prove the security and efficacy.

During 2015, the subsidiary has launched 3 new products, increasing the portfolio to 5 medicines. Those launches include an aromatase inhibitor for breast cancer treatment, one antidepressant and one medicine for Alzheimer’s treatment.

One of Galenicum Health Peru’s most relevant milestones has been the several agreements signed with the most important insurers; Oncosalud, Rimac Seguros and Pacifico and the largest chain of pharmacies, Inkafarma. These agreements have allowed an strategic consolidation reaching an important amount of patients.

The future of Galenicum Health Peru is bright. During 2016 the company will launch 12 new bioequivalent products. The portfolio in nervous system therapeutic area will be reinforced with 6 new products for schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression and Alzheimer. Moreover, Galenicum Health Peru wants to create a relevant portfolio in cardiology with the launch of 6 products during 2016 for hypertension and cholesterol.

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