Galenicum and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu making children’s life easier

December 1, 2015

Galenicum collaborates with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, a referent hospital in Barcelona and Spain, in order to protect the most vulnerable patients, children.

On November 30th the Hospital presented the programme “Hospital without pain” in minor procedures. The project is pioneer in Spain and the main goal is to minimize the pain and discomfort that children experience when they are treated with painful procedures. The programme not only counts with pharmacological treatments but also with other techniques that help young patients to face the pain, such as positive reinforcement, effective use of distraction or presence of their parents.

There are different kits that have been developed with the aim of helping practitioners to work better with their young patients. The “No pain Kit” contains a set of medications and devices that, when used together, help children not to feel such pain. Secondly, the “Distraction Kit”, contains small toys for children of all ages with the goal of entertaining the children while they are being treated. Finally, a “Pain Scale”, which helps professionals measure the pain a child is experiencing.

Referent doctors have agreed that the programme represents a cultural change on how the pain is managed. These professionals will work for increasing the projects’ awareness within doctors, families and children.

Galenicum, together with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, helps children to make their life easier.


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