Galenicum, one step ahead of the generics

July 20, 2015

The generics pharmaceutical industry is going through a change based on differentiation. Up to now, the generics industry has been based only on the price as the main business variable. However, this is changing, and the last speech of Herman Grohe, Germany Health Minister, at the European Generics Association (EGA) annual meeting was a prove of it.  
Galenicum started in 2012 the internationalization expansion of its own brand. With this new process, the differentiation through adding value to the product became an important part of the strategy.

Galenicum firmly believes that the differentiation between generics is possible. For this reason, the R&D department works in order to find new ways to improve the quality of life of patients through innovation, improving, for instance, the formulation of the products. Furthermore, the Marketing area of Galenicum, works in order to provide marketing materials useful for both doctors and patients. An example of this is the platform GalenicumVitae, the new quick health guide.


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