Meeting our clients'
needs through
turn-key solutions

Galenicum offers Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) from pharmaceutical development to dossier completion. We can supply both generic and OTC products.

Our main areas of focus in therapeutic products are cardiovascular, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and oncology treatments.

Galenicum offers turn-key solutions from dossier development and registration, to manufacturing, batch release and delivery to the client's chosen warehouse.

Technologies used:

  • Tablets (IR, modified release, ODT).
  • Capsules (soft and hard).
  • Stick packs.
  • Solutions.
  • Injectables.
  • Semisolids.
  • Direct-to-mouth.

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FDF - Development


Maintaining timelines and ensuring transparency.

FDF - Launch


Cross-Functional Team to secure a timely launch.

FDF - Advantages


FDF, a complete solution full of advantages.