Customised ingredients
offer you easy solutions

When an everyday answer is not enough.

At times, a new development needs something special to differentiate it from the market, and ordinary ingredients will not suffice. GSI’s technical partners and experts are available to modify and create new solutions specifically to meet requirements for taste, shelf life, nutrition or other real-world problems. Our solutions are cost-effective and make use of the highest-quality raw ingredients.

Nutrition premixes

Today’s products need to be healthier while also tasting great. Our individually-developed premixes can incorporate vitamins, amino acids, minerals and even organic vitamins to fortify baby food, cereals, beverages, confectionery products, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Beverage solutions

Be it colour, taste, functionality, or an exotic ingredient, GSI can help you find the right combination of products for your final product.

Meat-based solutions

Through our partners, we can source the right premix of products to help extend shelf life, provide great flavour, and insure the highest quality standards in any meat- based product, from sausages to cured meats.

Rosemary extracts

Use natural rosemary extracts to help prevent spoilage and extend shelf life. With over 200 references, if we don’t already have a solution to your problem, we will make one.