Use your resources
for a more value-
added production

Contract manufacturing services enable pharmaceutical labs with manufacturing facilities to free up capacity for value-added and strategic production.

Advantages of Galenicum's CMS:


Turn-key solution

Once your project is defined, we take care of the rest.

  • Tech transfer from client to CMO.
  • Creation of documentation required to include the new CMO in the dossier.
  • Implementation of necessary variations for regulatory agencies involved.
  • Supply chain management and ongoing delivery to client.
  • Qc/QA: batch release.


Galenicum has developed and currently carries out CMS projects with CMOs in Asia, Europe and America.



Galenicum analyzes a long list of CMOs and proposes the one that is most suitable based on the specific product characteristics of each case. Additionally, Galenicum’s knowledge of APIs ensures a thorough analysis and, consequently, the best option.



Our client collaboration models range from the full-variable model (all tech transfer costs are included in the supply price) to a full-fixed-cost model (the client pays tech transfer costs up front, thereby minimising the supply price).