FDF: a complete solution;
a multitude of advantages


Turn-key solution

We take care of everything for our clients – delivering the final product to the client’s warehouse of choice.

  • Dossier development: we manage all necessary research and dossier compilation.
  • Regulatory approval: submission to and management of the regulatory process throughout our markets.
  • MA transfer to client.
  • Launch preparation.
  • Qc/QA: batch release.
  • Supply chain: delivery to clients’ warehouse.

Extensive portfolio

We leverage our in-house FDF with that of our primary partners and have an offering of more than 200 FDFs.


Best API Selection

Our API selection expertise enables us to choose the best options for each FDF.


Product lifecycle adaptation

We constantly optimise the product with respect to (i) product characteristics (i.e. size, new delivery forms, and new score-lines), (ii) minimising supply lead times and (iii) cost.


Our knowledgeable, service-oriented and locally-specialised sales teams are available in each geographical region.