The spirit of overcoming

In Galenicum we work hard to offer the highest-quality
products and services to our clients.

FoundersLife is about overcoming; and so is the pharmaceutical industry.

Providing patients with the most effective medicine is key to helping them overcome disease, receiving the right medical treatment is imperative, and, in the case of serious pathologies, it is important that the patient believes he will overcome the disease.

Thus, the spirit of overcoming is essential to a team striving for excellence in the health sector. At Galenicum we work hard every day to offer the highest-quality products and services to our clients in both the innovator and generic industries.

Through innovation and flexibility, we help our customers and partners to become more competitive, launching Finished Dosage Forms and strengthening their market positions.

We offer turn-key solutions for the entire value chain: from registration, to quality assurance, to batch release and supply.

We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle and adapt to local market dynamics and regulations across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa.

We strongly believe that only the best is good enough for our clients and their patients. Believe in overcoming. Believe in life.

Alejandro Ollé
Erich J. W. Büchen
Joaquim Domingo

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