A workshop given in universities to help improve job opportunities for students in the Pharma industry

In its fifth edition, the “University Joins Industry” 2018 workshop provides students with the opportunity to gain insight into the Pharma industry. Attendees learn first-hand from renowned Pharma industry professionals in areas such as R&D, Manufacturing, Project Management, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Clinical Trials/Drug Safety, Tech Transfers and Business Development/MK.

It is now more important than ever to have the most outstanding qualifications. Students study hard to be able to get their dream job, but most aren't aware of what’s currently going on in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is difficult to know the exact area in which to enter and grow professionally. They don't have access to the essential industry insights required to be successful when looking for a job in the Pharmaceutical sector.

That's where the “University Joins Industry” workshop can help. Our workshop provides students with the opportunity to learn from renowned Pharma professionals in all key industry areas. During the workshop, they can make valuable contacts within the industry, too.

Who can join the workshop: Anyone interested in the Pharma industry; Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology students; any professional interested in a career in this field.

When: 14th March 2018. From 11.00 to 17.30.

Where: Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona. Aula Magna. 

Register for free at the Secretary's Office at UB’s Faculty of Pharmacy.
To pre-register, send an email to estherguell@ub.edu